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Doctor’s Residence

Community Play Reading

Directed by Sharie Renault


Free online to the community.

$15 Gratefully Accepted


$15 Gratefully Accepted
GEneral $25
GRoups $20
Students $15

September 19

Friday - saturday: 7:30pm | Sunday Matinee: 5:00pm
Thursday: 6:30pM
Food & Wine Reception before the play reading

Join Us At St. Helena Library

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This is Richard Uhlig’s first play, although he has long been a successful screen writer and author. He left rural Kansas to attend New York University in Manhattan, where he became a permanent New Yorker until his move to St. Helena with his family in 2017.

After the performance, Richard will discuss writing this humorous memoir, which was inspired by growing up in a small, rural Kansas town, where his father was the local doctor.  While it takes place in the 1980s, he jokes that his small Kansas town was probably about 20 years behind California at that time.





15 minute intermission halfway through the play

Talk Back

the actors and director will hold an open discussion with the audience at the conclusion of the performance.





Gramps - Jack Ramsey

Grams - Deborah Todd

Charlie and Mike - Chris Vance

Doc - Karl Parker

Denise - Danielle Devitt

Roberta - Megan Whyte

Sherlyn - Clay Connaway







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Director's Statement

I met Richard Uhlig, a local playwright, during intermission at one of our performances of “Brighton Beach Memoirs”. Since then, I ‘ve looked forward to seeing him, decked in a fedora, as a regular in our audience.  Almost a year ago we met for coffee to talk about a play he had written—a memoir about growing up in a small town in Kansas in the 1980’s where his father was the local doc. We decided to work together on producing “The Doctor’s Residence” by casting it as a readers’ theater piece with some of our finest Upstage actors. We look forward to sharing this poignant story of a family adapting to changes in their lives.

Directed by Sharie Renault