Theater from the Heart


UpStage Napa Valley unites a dynamic ensemble who produce quality theater in an intimate setting to entertain and engage our community.


A community enriched by provocative theater that catalyzes relevant conversations to heal and transform our relationships.

Our Four Pillars


Entertainment and engagement


Healing: Invigorate, Mend, Cure

What We Do

UpStage feels, thinks and acts to invigorate minds, mend spirits and transform audiences.

How We Live

UpStage lives in community and strives to create a meaningful conversation with the ensemble on stage and off.

What Keeps Us Going

Our relationships with our actors and audience.

What We Believe

Theater was created to tell the truth about life. Through theater we heal, bond and entertain.

Board of Directors

President: Stuart Harrison
Director at Large: Elaine Jennings
Treasurer: Kelly Berryman
Director at Large: Deborah Todd
Technical Director: Kevin Horowitz


Artistic Director: Sharie Renault
Administrative Assistant: Barbara Barling
Designer: Jose Lopez
Technical Crew: Alan Schneider and Ben Casas
House Managers: Marcia Beauchamp, Jan Bradley, Edie Kausch and Cathy Prevost

"The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life."

-Arthur Miller