Headshot and resume are not necessary, but bring if you have them.

Sides (chosen scenes from plays we are casting) will be given to read.

$100 stipend per actor per production.

If you cannot make this audition,
we can arrange another time for you to read.

Please email us at:
Or call Sharie Renault at
(707) 337-5850

Upstage Napa Valley PlayFest 2024

Auditions Details:

July 29th at 6 pm

1428 Spring Street - St. Helena, CA


August 26-31, September 4-30 & October 2-7

Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat   6-10 pm


October 11-27

Rehearsal schedule and performance weekend will depend on the casting.

Three different plays will be performed each weekend

Actors are required to attend all rehearsals

Final Plays Selected for PlayFest 2024

The following nine plays were selected to be performed from 185 submissions by a committee of 12 community members.

Gayer Than Laughter by Felix Racelis

Two Male Actors (Age 50-70)

A middle-aged gay man extends a special invitation to an older former lover, who is experiencing hard times, to an event honoring him for his contribution to LGBT community. Getting his friend to the event proves harder than he imagines.

Nearly Departed by Michael Waterson

Two Male Actors (Age 50 - 70)

A man stands on the Golden Gate Bridge intent on suicide until a seeming chance encounter with a homeless person.

The Rabbi’s Daughter by Lawerence Dukore

One African American Male Actor & One Female Actress Singer (Age 30-40)

An African American real estate entrepreneur, Jesse Leonard, encounters Sheila Goldfarb, a musical scholar in front of his townhouse in NYC.

Baby Fugitive by Kelli Lynn Woodend

One Male (Age 15) & One Older Woman (Age 60)

Cathy, a woman in a wheelchair panics when she wakes to find a fugitive hiding in her kitchen in the middle of the night.

Visitor by Angela Ames

Two Female Actresses (Age 70 & Age 40) & One Male Actor (Age 40)

A woman in the hospital receiving cancer treatment befriends a construction worker.

How I Knew Her by Allie Costa

One Female (Teenager) & One Male (Age 40)

The setting is at a grave site where two people share how they knew the young woman whose name is on the tombstone.

Kiss a Dog Go to Heaven by Susan Jackson

One Male Actor and One Female Actress

Rick is setting up for a garage sale to get rid of his deceased mother’s things. His overeager girlfriend, Jackie offers advice and assistance; but she finds out more about Rick’s childhood than she expected.  Revenge is sweet—and dark.

Let the Waters Rise by Ron Rosenfeld

One Male Actor and One Female Actress

A married couple looks over blueprints on how to build an Ark.

Joy Ride by Arianna Rose

Two Female Actresses (Age 70 & Age 60)

In 1933 at a formal White House Dinner, Amelia Earhart proposed a quick flight to her friend and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Joy Ride explores what might have happened on that flight.

Thespian by Henry Ames

One Male Actor (A Calistoga High School Student) & One Male (Age 40)

A high school student writes a play which he hopes his English teacher will submit to a competition.

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