PlayFest 2023

Performed at Grace Episcopal Church
October 20, 21, 22 & 27, 28, 29 2023
Written by Local Playwrights

First Weekend October 20,21,22

Friday and Saturday 7:30pm | Sunday Matinee 2:30pm

Human Remains by Melissa Milich

A mysterious and gruesome box is delivered to a couple’s front lawn.

Beyond Harbor's Peace by Allston James

On an impulse, Ogden stops by the home of Kate, a woman he met some weeks earlier at a dinner party. After a round of small talk, Ogden relates his experience of a sailing accident.

A Razing in Missouri by Susan Jackson

Based on a true story two weeks after the Joplin tornado, 2011; 4 pm.

In Her Golden Years by Steven Korbar

While helping to clean out the family home, a daughter discovers an object from her mother’s past.

Hatched by Michael Towers

The play takes place at night on a sand dune on an ocean beach.

Second Weekend October 27, 28, 29

Friday 7:30, Saturday Matinee 2:30pm | Sunday 2:30pm

Lifelines by Donna Hoke

When a mother discovers her dead son’s journal, she fights her conscience over her right to read it.

Hanging In There by Bruce Miroglio

Written in the style of the “Bob Newhart Show.”  During a session a therapist and patient experience many humorous interruptions.

Kids From the Lake by Deirdre Girard

It took a lot for Ashley to come back to the lake, but as much as she wants to run away, one thing is keeping her there.

Here Today by Ron G. Rosenfeld

A rotary telephone, a copy of the Yellow Pages and an address book find themselves in a closet.

Talk Back

Actors and director will hold an open discussion at the end of the performance.

PlayFest 2023

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