Bike Accident


By Sharie Renault

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As I was strapped onto the gurney and loaded into the ambulance, I became deeply aware that because of Covid-19 no one in my family could be with me at the hospital. I live alone also aware that I would have no one with me to help me in recovery. As the ambulance pulled up to the trauma unit, I realized who could risk picking me up from the ER if I were able to come home?

The following is a visual journey of my recovery which is ongoing.

I’d like to thank the following healers of Calistoga.

Jodi Hunt of Wellspring Physical Therapy

Ric Bollen, Chiropractor

Jeffrey Davila, Lens Therapist

Deborah Todd, who did not hesitate to say “yes “when I called her for a ride home from the trauma unit.


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